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I am an experienced Senior User Experience Designer with more than 22 years designing successful web sites and web applications. My natural-born artistic talents coupled with studies in graphic design and visual presentation allow me to break projects down to their basic visual needs and build from there. I possess years of programming experience that also allows me to understand the limitations of a chosen platform and work within those limitations to deliver a solid, usable interface. Combining these skills provides me a unique advantage in my field. An advantage that offers clients the knowledge and experience of three user interface disciplines in a single resource.

During my career I have worked in the education, healthcare, hospitality, and data management industries acquiring knowledge and experience across UX disciplines including but not limited to: visual design, information architecture, user research, usability, testing, prototyping, product discovery, and code structure. My design approach is simple... "think for the user so they don't have to". They are the entire point of my craft. I prefer to be involved from the very beginning of product discovery all the way through to launch.

My overall UX process is fairly straight-forward with established best practices. I approach each phase with an open mind and look to determine the best methodologies to use. It may be a simple whiteboard design session, a full rapid design lab, based on persona strategies, based solely on user research, or perhaps based on documented business requirements. While the tools within each phase may vary between projects, the phases themselves are consistent across all projects.




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Senior Principal User Experience Specialist
Veritas Technologies
Jun 2015 – Present • 3 years 1 month

I was brought on board to work on Veritas’s Velocity product, but quickly transitioned to a more enterprise level user experience contributor. In my short time with Veritas I have grown to be one of a handful of subject matter experts for user experience. During my tenure my responsibilities have included:

  • Designing the Veritas Support applications user experience and user interface. Created a Veritas Design Language framework for Bootstrap.
  • Designing the Velocity™ user experience and user interface with a team of designers. We worked with UX researchers, developers, product owners, and project managers in an agile environment to bring the user experience to life.
  • Designing the CloudPoint™ 2.0-3.0 user experience and user interface with a team of designers. I conceived a UX and UI that was consistent across multiple workflows and would iteratively ready the product for touch and mobile devices.
  • Was a primary contributor to the Veritas Design Language project. This is a unified web design language for all Veritas products. Built on Angular 2 it contains not only responsive Sketch-based designer assets, but also fully coded web assets that developers can implement with minimal coding.
  • Produced multiple clickable prototypes using Sketch and Axure RP Pro for demonstrations and user research sessions.
  • Led many design sessions with developers and product owners using simple whiteboard sketches to full rapid design lab methodologies.

Senior User Experience Software Engineer
Wyndham Vacation Ownership
Oct 2007 – Jun 2015 • 7 years 9 months

I began as a front end web developer and over the years have transitioned to be the single, full-time User Experience Designer for Wyndham Vacation Ownership (WVO). During my tenure my responsibilities have included:

  • Designing user interfaces for internal applications
    • Designed the ARDA Award winning Physical Inventory Management application
    • Worksheet Automation
    • Rate Plan Management
    • Call Center Agent Desktop
    • Inventory Availability Management
    • Customer Reward Points Portal
    • Legal Department B2B Portal
    • Firm Offer of Credit
  • Coded user interfaces for applications including:
    • Physical Inventory Management (ExtJS)
    • Worksheet Automation (jQuery)
    • Inventory Availability Management (ExtJS)
    • Firm Offer of Credit (HTML/JavaScript)
  • Designed customer facing web sites (wire frame level)
  • Establishing best practices for the User Experience team
  • Managing contracted resources
  • Facilitating UX sessions with business stakeholders
  • Troubleshooting/Repairing vendor code bugs in the front end code
  • Provided technical analysis of code and design from vendors
  • Build clickable prototypes of web applications using Sencha, Azure, and Dreamweaver
  • Designed applications based solely on business requirements and technical documents
  • Work collaboratively with in-house, remote, and off-shore resources

Nemours Children’s Clinic
Oct 1997 – Oct 2007 • 10 years 1 month

The World Wide Web was in its infancy when I was hired to be one of three Webmasters. I quickly became the single Webmaster. As the Web matured I transitioned to be the Senior Web Designer/Developer. During my tenure my responsibilities included:

  • Designed/Coded countless intranet applications
  • Company Online Rolodex
  • Online calendar solution
  • Designed, built, and deployed a Cold Fusion-based CMS (WysiWeb) to allow departments to maintain an intranet presence
  • Designed the main Nemours web presence
  • Updated web content when requested
  • Managed web team resources
  • Worked collaboratively with team members in different cities and states
  • Managed web servers
  • Designed logos and provided artwork for digital needs
  • Facilitated new employee orientation presentations
  • Established best practices for the web team
  • Database architecture
  • Information architecture

Web Designer/Developer
Harcourt School Publishers
Feb 1996 – Oct 1997 • 1 year 8 months

Fresh out of college I was hired as a freelance graphics designer and web developer. At the time web development was very basic. Restricted to 256 colors, tables, and images for engaging web design I was able to help Harcourt deploy web-based, educational, supplement applications for their printed schoolbook products. During my tenure my responsibilities included:

  • Graphic design
  • Created engaging web imagery within a 256 color palette
  • Provided HTML to mid-tier developers for PERL integration
  • Provided graphics to interactive developers for Macromedia Director

Adjunct Professor
Valencia Community College
Dec 1995 – May 1996 • 6 months

Taught the first web design class offered at Valencia. It was a chance to develop curriculum to take the field of Graphic Design into the new realm of the Internet.

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